Everyone’s needs are different.

At Custom Music Transcription we try to limit the cost to clients by providing exactly what they need.

Below are some examples of what types of formats you may be interested in.

Anything is possible. These are simply suggestions.

Standard notation – guitar tablature

Standard notation – guitar tablature – chord symbols

Chord symbols, Tablature

Standard notation – guitar tablature – chord symbols with diagrams

Chords, Diagrams, Standard, Tablature

Vocals – lyrics – standard notation – guitar tablature – chord symbols

Vocal, Lyrics, Chords, Diagrams, Standard, Tablature

Rhythm slashes – chord diagrams

Chords, Diagram, Slashes

Lead sheet

Lead sheet


Lead sheet – chords – melody and lyrics

Chord Symbols, Melody, Lyrics


Lead sheet – chord symbols with diagrams – melody and lyrics

Chords, Diagrams, Vocal, Lyrics


Piano solo

Piano Solo


Melody with lyrics – guitar chords with diagrams – piano

Melody and Lyrics and piano


Full jazz band

Full Jazz Band


Don’t see it here? Please ask us. We can get you what you need.