“This service is dreamlike”
M.J Japan

“Once I received your work I realized that you are a total pro thank you for your efforts.”

“I played the piece and compared it with the original video:
… and I must confirm you a very accurate professional transciption!
I am impressed ! Even you do’t forgot to give a tempo indication for playing. You noted the slurs, fermatas, …. wow !
For sure it will not be the last time, I will beg you for a transciption.
I will recomment you to other players.”
R.S Germany

“I must thank you for your work on this piece, I think you did a terrific job and helped me learn a lot.”
A.S Russia

“Just awesome! Just ran the .gps through my GP6 and taken a peek at the PDf. No complaints! As the French would say “Formidable, Sacre Bleu!” . Really a terrific job. Thank you again.”
B.M. U.S.A.

“I am at home now and checked your transcription:
Really GREAT !!
I think, if there is a championship in transcribing, you will win the gold medal for sure.
I don’t know how you do it so exactly in this short time and even more to write it down so properly.
If I compare it to the music I hear exactly if every notes is well, ”
R.S Germany

“Thank you so much for a wonderful service, the transcription you did was perfect! I am truly amazed at how you managed to do it!”
J.D. Australia

“I appreciate your professionalism and honesty.”
J.J. Canada

“Love this song! Definitely sounds great. It’s so nice to see something I ‘ve heard for so many years unravel right before my eyes. Great job! ”

“Just wanted to send you another email to let you know that the transcription for the solo was just awesome! ”
E.V. U.S.A.

“I am very impressed with your service and it is well worth the money you charge. You are incredibly fast and accurate … (I) appeciate your professionalism in everything.”
J.S. Nepal

“Thank you once again for everything you’ve done. I love the MIDI files of the songs because when I input the song into my Guitar Pro program, I can hear the similarities which are 100% accurate.”
E.V. U.S.A.

“Thank you again for the wonderful service”
N.M. U.S.A.

“The transcription is great!, thanks”
J.J. U.S.A.

“Dylan, you have an incredible talent in what you do. I can only aspire to have that kind of inner hearing some day. ”
E.V. U.S.A.

“The transcriber from the U.S. (…) wanted a whopping ($amount) to do Last Date (…) Then I came across you . Your prices are sensible and affordable.”
R.A. Canada

“Your work is excellent”
P.P. Finland

“Thanks for the transcription – I had a quick run thru this morning and it is great!”
D.L. Canada

“The transcription is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks ”
P.O. U.S.A.

“Well, to tell you the truth I was amazed by how professional and high quality the tab and midi has been process. I am totally satisfied with your work ”
M.K. Saudi Arabia

” Fantastic work on that transcription! Sounds great!”

“Your work was terrific.”
N.F. U.S.A.

“Thanks once again for very reasonable and fun service.”
P.L. U.S.A.

“I just want to say you did a great job and I appreciate your work. It’s nice to do business with someone who is professional and knows what they are doing. ”
P.O. U.S.A.

“Your transcription is great!”
J.J. U.S.A

“Dylan, this is too good to be true.I figured not even the original artists would remember how they played it after this long.Your the best and I will never forget this turn of good fortune.”
P.l. U.S.A

“Dylan, everything is just great.The tricky strums make this rhythm come to life for me anyway.No problem catching on to it.”
P.L. U.S.A

“Thanks Dylan. It looks great. (…) I really appreciate your work and speed with which you got it done. ”
D.F. U.S.A.

“Thanks to you, my dreams are coming true. Before meeting you, to play those songs were out of my mind. Thanks.”
E.T. Turkey

“Thanks for your great service.”
R.A. N.B.

“You are a definite asset to the guitar world.”
L.E. U.S.

“Thank you. Great job on the transcription, it sounds dead on, and good price too (someone else quoted me over a hundred bucks to do the same song). I’ll be sure to recommend your services.(client was charged under 40.00$USD for that job)”
S.W. U.S.A.

“Yes I’ve received it, thank you. I’ve been working on it and I’m quite satisfied. You did great work and provided good sevice.”
E.M. Germany

“The arrangement is fantastic! It’s a really nice job.”
P.0. U.S.A.

“The transcription is great – way beyond what I was expecting. ”
D.B. U.S.A

“I had my first rehearsal today and the trancriptions were great!.”
R.M. U.S.A.

“I was very impressed with the accuracy and detail of the lead sheet. You nailed all the harmonic extensions (9, 11, 13), and I couldn’t figure out how you discerned those altered chords with your ear.”
N.M. U.S.A.